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Gambling online must be a lot of fun, but what do you do when it starts to become something else? Something that you cannot control? Approximately 0.9% of the UK population has a gambling problem in one way or another. In addition to that there is also a large number of those who may not even be aware that they might have a gambling addiction. An early warning sign that you should pay attention to is if you spend more time and money on gambling than you have planned. By spotting the gambling problem on time you get good chances of overcoming the addition and avoiding troubles in the future.

Preventive measures

In order to not to get into a situation where gambling prevails, it would be wise to set limits in advance and determine a monthly amount that you can afford to spend on gambling – and lose – without it having a consequences for your economy. Of course it is also important to stick to your maximum gambling budget and here you can get help from the online casinos’ system that allows you to limit your gambling. Almost all licensed online casinos offer their members the opportunity to set up both time and deposit limits to prevent unhealthy gambling. It is even possible to block your account for a period of time if you feel the need to take a break. Exploiting bonuses, free spins and other offers can also be a smart way to balance your gambling and save your own money. At the same time you should also care about pursuing your other interests and allow gambling remain something you enjoy just for fun now and then.

If gambling is already a problem

If you feel that your gambling has shifted to something else rather than just a recreational activity and started causing economic and social consequences, it can be difficult to get out of there on your own. But there is help available. GamCare offers good information, advice, support and free counselling for the prevention and treatment of problem gambling. GambleAware promotes responsible gambling and provides information to help people make informed decisions about gambling. If you found yourself in a difficult situation and wish to talk to someone anonymously you can visit gamblersanonymous.org.uk.