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If you are a fan of Rugby and hail from Australia, South Africa or New Zealand, Boy, do we have good news for you!

A new site, named WebbySlot, is set to launch with the concept that “Rugby is more than sport, rugby is a sport religion”. An idea shared by the majority of citizens of these nations, with 80,000 fans gathering to watch the game daily and millions in front of the TV.webbyslots

We do not have a huge amount of information but can provide you everything know so far!

Games at WebbySlot

Although specific details of games remain ambiguous, from the screenshots we have been sent by the developers of the site, we can clearly see, Slots, Table Games and Video Poker as game categories in the casino section.

Furthermore, it is clear that there is also an option to switch to Live Casino, for some real-life high octane action, or to Virtual Games, which we imagine may include options for E-Sports. These E-sports will likely include virtual rugby, as well as other sports to add some diversity. webbyslots

A sportsbook is not confirmed by the information we have, but it would seem a logical option to have on a site like this.

 Bonuses and Loyalty Programs at WebbySlot

From the promotions material we have obtain that WebbySlot will be offering various bonuses in different forms for new players.

The first of these will be some form of Welcome Bonus. From what we have inferred from the wording of the promotional material, there will be more than one. As such, you could be in for some form of 3-4-part scheme, but we aren’t 100% certain of the exact details just yet.

What are certain of though is that there will be both a loyalty program and a ComPoints exchange, both of which will reward you the more you play.

As such, there should be plenty to get involved in here in terms of bonuses and freebies!

Please note: there will be terms and conditions surrounding these bonuses so please read them if you do decide to join this casino.

WebbySlot Design

As mentioned, the site is inspired hugely by the sport of Rugby. This is put to life by especially drawn Rugby characters which decorate the site. It makes for very distinctive visuals that are completely unique from what has been seen before the in the industry.

The logo also is shaped like a rugby ball, with three lines illustrating 3 separate reels with the classic “777” symbol across the ball.

As well as this, Rugby thermwebbyslotsology is used to describe the loyalty program levels and other aspects of the site.

It is very interesting and exciting theme which will certainly appeal to their target audience of casino and rugby enthusiasts.

Other Sites Under the Brand

This is not the operators first venture into the world, which is always nice to know before joining a new casino.

They have three other sites, each with their own unique theme that permeates throughout the whole site.

These include the bubbly and fun, Loki Casino, the neon, classier casino, Golden Star and the western theme Guns Bet, another awesome site, which you can play here.

All of these are much loved by their players and so, it bodes well for WebbySlot to also follow suit and bring some exciting and fun gaming action to their guests.


Although we aren’t 100% sure about anything currently, we have absolute faith in this new casino. With so much thought gone into the site already before it has launched, we are sure that this will carry on when it launched and will be the gift that keeps on giving, so give it a “TRY” asap!